Pre-Listing Inspection


Our pre-listing inspections are often purchased by the seller prior to listing the house on the market. The ProEdge pre-listing service offers a wide variety of benefits that can maximize proceed along with contribute to a quick and easy sale of your house.

ProEdge Home Inspections will conduct a thorough inspection of the property that will provide our clients with a detailed inspection report. The pre-listing inspection surfaces any potential weak points or disadvantages the seller may inquire at the negotiating table.

Give us a call today to schedule your pre-listing inspection and together lets create a powerful marketing tool to aid the selling process of your house!

•Allows the seller to identify any major deficiencies or safety hazards that could potentially prolong the sale of the home.


•The seller can tend to any major deficiencies increasing the property value prior to going on the market, or reflect current conditions in the listing price. 


• Eliminates 11th hour re-negotiations based on inspector’s findings.


•  Can be a excellent marketing tool to potentially sell the property for a greater selling price in a shorter amount of time.